Taste of Home® 4-Piece Nylon Tools Set, Sea Green & Charcoal Gray


With Taste of Home’s 4-Piece Nylon Tools set in Sea Green & Charcoal Gray, you’ll have everything you need to flip, lift, transfer, scoop, strain, and serve in your kitchen! This set includes one Nylon Turner, one Nylon Slotted Turner, one Nylon Spoon, and one Slotted Spoon. In this set, you’ll find all the utensils a home chef needs to complete baking, cooking, and baking tasks. Use the Nylon Spoon to scoop pasta, serve veggies, and dish up your favorite foods! The Nylon Slotted Spoon is ideal for scooping, draining, and serving foods; the lengthy slots allow liquids and grease to drain away from food. Whether flipping pancakes, lifting chicken breasts or turning vegetables, the Nylon Turner is ready to lift, flip and turn; the thin, durable head slides seamlessly underneath food for an effortless cooking experience. The Nylon Slotted Turner features a thin, durable head that slides seamlessly underneath food and lengthy slots to drain liquids and food away from food for a healthier cooking experience. All pieces are safe to use with delicate cookware and bakeware and are heat resistant for safe use with hot cookware, bakeware, and serving dishes. In addition, all pieces have been tested and approved by the Taste of Home Test Kitchen.

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