Silicone Mini Spatula, Ash Gray


Boasting a petite size, a sturdy body, and a flexible head, Taste of Home’s Mini-Silicone Spatula is ideal for scraping small jars, bowls, and spreading condiments! The spatula’s petite head size helps you access tight spaces in bottles, jars, nooks and crannies. It’s useful for rescuing the last bit of sauce from a bottle or dabbing condiments onto crusty sandwich bread. This small spatula won’t scratch delicate cookware or bakeware surfaces, and it’s heat resistant for safe use on hot pots and pans. When it’s time to clean your mini-spatula, wash in warm soapy water and dry, or run through the dishwasher. All Taste of Home® products are designed in partnership with, and rigorously tested and approved by the Taste of Home Test Kitchen.

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