• Nearly 400 color illustrations, including 50 specially commissioned paintings, put faces behind the names.
  • Maps pinpoint 10 turning points of biblical history.
  • Genealogies help make sense of the people in the Bible, from the generations of Adam to the family of Herod the Great.
  • Boxes about such diverse topics as Israel’s hostile neighbors, surrogate motherhood, Jewish festivals, sources for the four Gospels, the fate of the 12 apostles, and more.
  • Origins and meanings of names clarify and give new insight into stories.
  • Pronunciation guides make reading the Bible simpler.
  • Biblical citations speed you to chapter and verse.
  • Cross references and a full index lead you quickly to where you want to go.
  • “Everyone in the Bible,” a comprehensive 24-page list of nearly 4,000 names, identifies each person and gives the first biblical citation for each.