• Explore 40 separate wine routes spanning across North America.
  • Expand your palate with wines ranging from Quebec's ice cider to New York State's new biodynamic wines.
  • Divided by four major geographic regions: the Western Region (California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia); the Rocky Mountain Region (Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado); the Central Region (Texas, Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan); and the Eastern Region (North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Mid-Atlantic and New England states, New York, Ontario, and Nova Scotia).
  • Follow detailed maps of each route with icons indicating vineyard accommodations, picnic facilities, restaurants, hotels, and family friendly spots.
  • Helpful information, including vineyard addresses, phone numbers, and websites.
  • Lists of additional websites to assist in travel planning.
  • Pairing tips and snippets on viniculture.
  • What to expect at a tasting, how to buy direct, and an insider's grasp on wine speak and wine labels.
  • An index to help readers find information on the regions, labels, and their favorite types of wine.