• Easy-to-follow, 21-day eating plan that minimizes shocking “Belly Bully” foods that cause discomfort and weight gain, while piling on soothing “Belly Buddy” foods.
  • 50+ scrumptious recipes such as Tomato-Ginger Flank Steak, Chunky Chicken Couscous, Twice-Baked Potato with Pepper Hash, and Almost-Pumpkin Mini Pies.
  • Inspirational stories and advice from real readers who tried the plan and improved their digestive symptoms in just 3 weeks!
  • Optional equipment-free workout plan that helps to both sculpt and smooth your stomach with a mix of core strengthening, walking, and yoga.
  • Digestion Quiz to help you measure your overall digestive health.
  • Tips on how to combat the Four S's—Supersizing, Sitting, Stress, and Sleep Deprivation.
  • Guidelines on how to incorporate potentially problematic foods back into your life so you are never deprived of your favorite foods.